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Introducing SharePoint Online
Intranet, extranet, and Internet portals
A content management system (CMS) to better manage files, including the ability to
facilitate synchronization and access of files across multiple devices
A social platform consisting of blogs, wikis, newsfeeds, hash tags, and statuses
An enterprise search tool
A web-based document viewing, authoring, and co-authoring solution
A business intelligence (BI) solution with capabilities to display dashboards and key
performance indicators (KPIs) or to interact with pivot tables and charts using only a
web browser
An electronic forms and workflow solution that also allows for the incorporation of
data from disparate data sources
There are many custom line-of-business (LOB) solutions based on SharePoint, such as
Records Management, Case Management, Media Management Systems, and Personnel
Management Systems. The list and possibilities for SharePoint are vast, which is why
SharePoint has been, and remains, one of Microsoft’s fastest growing products.
Introducing SharePoint Online
Like Exchange Server technologies, SharePoint on-premises is available in two flavors:
Standard and Enterprise. SharePoint Online, like Exchange Online, also has two offerings: Plan
1 and Plan 2. SharePoint Online Plan 1 is akin to SharePoint Standard on-premises, and
SharePoint Online Plan 2 is akin to SharePoint Enterprise on-premises.
For a concise breakdown of SharePoint Online capabilities as well as the Standard versus
Enterprise features, see .
Another important point to know about SharePoint Online and the tenant’s domain name
is how the latter is used in the SharePoint URL. For example, if you select Adatum as the
domain name, your Office 365 domain will be You can add to your tenant, but SharePoint Online URLs for intranet or extranet use will still be<site collection or site name> . SharePoint Online does
support a limited, public, anonymous site that can be used for an Internet presence. In this
case, a vanity URL such as could be used for this site collection only.
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