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SharePoint Online capacity limits
SharePoint and SharePoint Online are technically separate, even though there is limited
hybrid functionality when implementing SharePoint Server 2013 on-premises with
SharePoint Online 2013. Hybrid scenarios for SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online are
discussed in the “SharePoint search in a hybrid environment” section later in this chapter.
INSIDE OUT Application servers and point solutions
There are many solutions that are built on the SharePoint platform. Developers can
extensively modify, customize, and extend SharePoint to create a specific LOB
application very quickly. A highly customized and extended SharePoint-based solution should
not be considered SharePoint any longer. It should be treated as a custom application.
Generally, application servers are highly specialized and should be managed in separate
farms, regardless of whether SharePoint Online is in the picture.
SharePoint Online capacity limits
In response to market and customer demands, Microsoft continuously reviews the capacity
limits of all Office 365 workloads, including SharePoint Online. Therefore, it is important to
refer to the SharePoint Online Service Description for updates on a quarterly basis.
Storage limits
Another important topic in the SharePoint Online Service Description is the amount of
shared storage space available to your organization. Office 365 uses the following formula
to determine the base SharePoint storage space, also known as pooled storage space, for
each tenant:
(10 GB + 500 MB/user + purchased storage) ≤ 25 TB per tenant
Based on this formula, if your organization has 1,000 users and you purchase Office 365 E3,
your SharePoint Online storage space will be the following:
10 GB + (500 MB x 1,000) = 10 GB + 500 GB = 510 GB
In addition to pooled storage, each of the 1,000 users gets 25 GB of space in SkyDrive Pro
that is separate from the calculated pooled space. If you determine that the 560 MB of
pooled SharePoint Online storage is insufficient, you can purchase additional space to add
to the pooled storage, up to 25 TB for the tenant.
SharePoint Online 2013 introduces the ability to host an external website with content
management capabilities. The default storage limit for the external website is 5 GB, but you
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