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SharePoint Online capacity limits
can allocate up to 100 GB of storage space. The storage allocation for the external website
draws from the pooled storage allocated for the tenant.
Site collection limits
Depending on the Office 365 plan, you will have one or more site collections. Refer again
to Figure 13-1, and remember that the site collection is the highest level in the SharePoint
information architecture. With the Office 365 Small Business plan, you get one site
collection, and with the E3/A3/G3 Enterprise plans, you get 3,000 site collections. These limits are
an example of the continuous change to SharePoint Online limits because in SharePoint
Online 2010 the number of site collections was 300, so there is a tenfold increase to this
limit between SharePoint Online 2010 and SharePoint Online 2013. Each site collection has
a limit of 100 GB or 2,000 sites, whichever comes first.
INSIDE OUT Managing sites and site collections
Even with the best planning and robust governance, there will be times when you
might need to move a site from one site collection to another because of organizational
changes or when you are approaching the 2,000 site limit or 100 GB limit. Moving sites
between site collections potentially can be a challenging task, but thanks to a mature
SharePoint ecosystem, there are now many affordable solutions in the marketplace that
can make this an easy task. One such example is ShareGate at http://www.share-gate.
com . You can use this tool to move sites and site collections between SharePoint Online
tenants and between SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online. Reorganizing
information is just one of the many capabilities of such tools. It is recommended that you
have these tools in your toolkit for your organization’s SharePoint administrators. When
shopping for these tools, make sure they are capable of supporting SharePoint on-prem-
ises and SharePoint Online.
Number of users
SharePoint Online is designed to support large user communities. The default limit is
500,000 users, but if your organization has more than 500,000 users, contact your
Microsoft representative or Office 365 Support to make arrangements to increase the user
count limit. Another new concept introduced in SharePoint Online 2013 is the recognition
of external users. External users are not part of your organization and include business
partners, customers, or other external entities. The recognition of external users enables
your organization to collaborate with external entities, which is facilitated through
Partner Access Licenses (PALs). This is not the same as anonymous access. PALs allow you to
identify and track access to SharePoint content. All SharePoint Online plans include 10,000
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