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Network requirements for Lync Online
To estimate SharePoint Online traffic resource requirements, we first need to state the
following baseline metrics provided by the Microsoft Online Services team:
Each SharePoint Online page transfer consumes approximately 100 KB.
On average, a typical user transfers approximately 36 pages an hour.
About 10 percent of your organization’s users will be using SharePoint Online
simultaneously throughout the day.
Now that we know the metrics for typical SharePoint Online use, let us start profiling a
sample organization to use as an example.
A. Datum Corporation has 5,000 employees, and we need to estimate the network
resources required for SharePoint Online.
Number of simultaneous users at any time = (0.1 x 5,000) = 500 users.
Network consumption per user = 36 pages/hour x 100,000 bytes x 8 bits/byte x
1hour/3,600seconds = 8,000 bps.
Organization’s network requirements for SharePoint Online = 500 users x 8,000 bps/user
= 4 Mbps.
Network requirements for Lync Online
The network requirements for Lync Online are also relatively easy to calculate. First, it is
important to understand that, with the exception of multi-party virtual meetings where
there is no multicast support, all other Lync communications will require only the Lync
server to initiate the connection, after which the Lync clients communicate directly with
each other. Therefore, internal Lync communications might not traverse your organization’s
Internet connection after the session has been initiated.
You can find the requirements for Lync Online in Appendix A of the Lync Online Service
Description, and we have also listed them in Table 2-1.
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