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SkyDrive Pro
5. Click MORE ACTIONS, as shown in Figure 13-26, to see all the options: Recover
License, Manage License, Request License, and Report a Violation. With the exception
of the Report a Violation option, go ahead and explore each of the other options on
your own.
Figure 13-26 License management options.
As you can see, there are many new apps already in the SharePoint Store, and this is a great
model to extend SharePoint Online. Prior to SharePoint Online 2013, it was not possible to
extend SharePoint Online with third-party apps. Therefore, this is a significant new feature
of SharePoint Online.
SkyDrive Pro
The foremost designed use for SharePoint Online is to serve as a portal to improve the
collaboration and thus the productivity of employees. In fact, the main highlight of
SharePoint 2013 is the social aspect, which is designed with a focus on how people work and
communicate. In business terms, SharePoint Online is the perfect solution for intranets and
the replacement of file servers as document repositories, and this is all facilitated through
SkyDrive Pro.
SkyDrive Pro is an unfortunate naming convention that causes confusion with the
consumer version of SkyDrive. It is important to state from the beginning that SkyDrive Pro is
not the same as SkyDrive Pro is in fact the new and improved successor of
SharePoint MySites. Its core functionality is to provide an enterprise-class personal storage
location for users, thereby replacing the need for network home drives. This functionality
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