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is similar to the consumer version of SkyDrive except that SkyDrive Pro provides corporate
controls such as audit capabilities for content stored in SkyDrive Pro.
As a storage medium, SkyDrive Pro is SQL-based SharePoint storage that also provides all
the organization controls that current SharePoint users are familiar with, such as version
control, check-in, check-out, Legal Hold, and eDiscovery. These controls are not available
in, and that is a key difference. SkyDrive Pro is offered as part of SharePoint
Online and thus also inherits the security concepts highlighted in the Microsoft Office 365
Trust Center. As mentioned earlier, each user in SharePoint Online gets 25 GB of personal
storage space through SkyDrive Pro, which is separate from the pooled SharePoint Online
At the time of this writing, SkyDrive Pro was updated and as a result, the storage limit
was increased to 25 GB. Previously, the storage limit was 7 GB.
External collaboration
After files are stored in SkyDrive Pro, a number of new capabilities become available to
your organization. One of the new capabilities is the ability to collaborate with external
entities through the use of Partner Access Licenses (PALs) that are included in SharePoint
Online. PALs are a unique concept because they balance the need to easily share files with
external entities, provide a security mechanism, and yet free IT from having to manage
access rights for external entities.
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