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INSIDE OUT Best practices for external sharing
The ability to share content with external users creates the risk of over-sharing.
Microsoft has an article about managing external sharing and best practices at http://ofice.
with-external-users-HA102849862.aspx .
SharePoint Online also recognizes that the workplace trend today is about mobility. People
are working in non-traditional offices, on the road, and from different devices. We will
discuss devices and the bring your own device (BYOD) phenomenon in the next section, but
let us first look at mobility based on the ability to work from anywhere.
Because SharePoint Online is a web-based repository, users can access their documents
through SkyDrive Pro from anywhere there is an Internet connection, as illustrated in Figure
Figure 13-36 Anywhere access to documents stored in SharePoint Online.
SharePoint Online also supports mobility through the incorporation of SkyDrive Pro
Windows Sync, previously SharePoint Workspace. SkyDrive Pro Windows Sync provides the
ability to synchronize files and folders in SkyDrive with local computing devices. Thus, users can
access documents through Windows Explorer, and the documents and folders will
synchronize with SkyDrive Pro whenever there is network connectivity. To create a synchronization
relationship, click Sync from SkyDrive Pro, as shown in Figure 13-37. This will create a sync
location on the hard drive and add a favorite in Windows Explorer.
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