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Achieving compliance with SharePoint eDiscovery Center
13. Create a Word document named Purchase Order, and create the document’s content
as a hypothetical invoice with an amount of 10,000. Upload the document to the
SharePoint Team site, which is included in the eDiscovery set. You might have to give
SharePoint Online some time to crawl the document. After the crawl has completed,
proceed with this exercise.
14. Type the following terms in the Filter box and click Preview Results:
"contracts" OR 10000
15. You should notice that the result set for the eDiscovery set is much smaller, as shown
in Figure 13-52. Click the SharePoint tab to view the results, and compare it to what it
was before in Figure 13-51. Notice, too, that the results for SharePoint should include
the document titled PurchaseOrder, even though we were not looking for the terms
Purchase or Order . In this exercise, it shows that the eDiscovery set was able to find
the value 10000 in the document.
Figure 13-52 Filtered results as shown on the Preview Results page.
16. Click the Close button to close the Preview Results page.
17. Click the Save button to save the results of this eDiscovery set.
In this exercise, you created an eDiscovery set to search three mailboxes in Exchange Online
and one SharePoint Site. You also created a filter to search for the terms contract or 10000 ,
and you then saved the eDiscovery set. Therefore, you were able to fulfill the request from
the regulatory body for communications between your organization and Adatum related to
contracts or transactions that are worth $10,000. In the next exercise, we will look at the use
of queries and how to export eDiscovery results.
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