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Achieving compliance with SharePoint eDiscovery Center
Let us continue our case study with the following scenario:
Your organization’s attorney wants to review only contract-related correspondence between
Tailspin Toys and Adatum before the documents go to the regulatory body. She does not care
about invoices, purchase orders, or any financial transaction documents unless they contain
the term contract. The attorney wants you to place items that meet her request on legal hold
and to send her a copy of the results on a DVD.
To fulfill the attorney’s request, you can go through the preceding exercise and create a
new eDiscovery set with the term contract . However, you know that you have an existing
eDiscovery set that contains a superset of the information she just requested. Follow these
steps to see how to use queries to filter for a subset of results from an existing eDiscovery
1. From the eDiscovery Center, select Cases on the left navigation pane.
2. Select an existing case. In this exercise, we will select the Adatum case we created
3. On the Adatum case site, select eDiscovery Sets on the left navigation pane.
4. On the eDiscovery Sets page, select the eDiscovery set you created in the preceding
exercise. If you have been following along with the preceding exercise, this will be the
All Adatum Communications eDiscovery set.
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