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Windows PowerShell
MOSDAL collects a lot of information, and it is sometimes difficult to locate and interpret
the data. From the MOSDAL download site, you should download and read the MOSDAL
training manual, which will walk you through the types of data being gathered, where to
locate the data, and how the data can be used for troubleshooting purposes. Figure 2-28
shows the “Introduction & Overview” section from the training manual.
Figure 2-28 MOSDAL Training Guide.
Windows PowerShell
One last important task before we dive into Office 365 is the preparation of your Office
365 management environment. Office 365 is designed to be very oriented to Windows
PowerShell. In fact, starting with Chapter 3, we will be working in Windows PowerShell. Not
all administration tasks are available through the Office 365 Administration Portal’s
Graphical User Interface (GUI), but they are all available through Windows PowerShell. Therefore,
Windows PowerShell is the superset administration tool and a definite requirement in your
As we progress through the chapters, you will become more and more familiar with
Windows PowerShell. It is the intent of this topic to help you learn Windows PowerShell
through immersion.
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