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Microsoft Online Services Module
Testing the Microsoft Online Services Module
After you have successfully installed the Microsoft Online Services Module, it is time to test
it. Before you proceed, make sure you have either purchased an Office 365 subscription or
signed up for a trial subscription. Then follow these steps to execute your first Office 365
Windows PowerShell commands:
1. Launch the Microsoft Online Services Module by right-clicking the icon and running
it as an administrator. You should see a command-prompt window similar to the one
in Figure 2-37.
Figure 2-37 Microsoft Online Services Module.
2. Enter the following command, which will produce a login prompt for a user name
and a password:
$cred = Get-Credential
The credentials you provide will be stored in the variable called $cred . When you see
the login prompt, use your Office 365 global administrator account, as shown in
Figure 2-38. Your Office 365 global administrator account will be something like <your-
name>@<yourcompany> . Cmdlets are not case sensitive.
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