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Note Execution of scripts is disabled
You might receive an error message in red, as shown in the preceding Figure 2-42.
The error message states the following: GetO365LicInfo.ps1 cannot be loaded
because the execution of scripts is disabled on this system.
The reason for this error is because of the security built into Windows PowerShell.
The ability to run scripts is part of this security and is known as the execution
policy. The execution policy determines whether scripts are allowed to be executed.
By default, it is set to restricted. A restricted execution policy prevents scripts from
3. Confirm the security policy for your system by entering the following command, as
shown in Figure 2-43:
Figure 2-43 Execution policy revealed by the Get-ExecutionPolicy cmdlet.
4. Change the execution policy to unrestricted so you can run scripts. Do this by
entering the following command:
Set-ExecutionPolicy –ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted
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