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Change the chart type, layout, and elements
To select a cell, click it.
To select a column, click the column header (the letter at the top of the column).
To select a row, click the row header (the number at the left end of the row).
To select multiple cells, columns, or rows, select the first element, and then hold
down the Shift key as you select subsequent elements.
Drag through adjacent cells, columns, or rows.
To select an entire worksheet, click the Select All button (the triangle in the
upperleft corner of the worksheet, at the intersection of the row and column headers).
Change the chart type, layout, and elements
If you decide that the type of chart you initially selected doesn’t adequately depict your
data, you can change the type at any time. There are 10 chart categories, each with
twodimensional and three-dimensional variations.
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