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Change the chart type, layout, and elements
Each chart type has corresponding chart layouts that you can use to refine the look of
the chart.
These layouts are preset combinations of the available chart elements, which include the
Chart area This is the entire area within the chart frame.
Plot area This is the rectangle between the horizontal and vertical axes.
Data markers These are the graphical representations of the values, or data points ,
you enter in the Excel worksheet. Sometimes the data markers are identified with
data labels.
Legend This provides a key for identifying the data series (a set of data points).
Axes The data is plotted against an x-axis—also called the category axis—and a
y-axis—also called the value axis . (Three-dimensional charts also have a z-axis—
also called the series axis .) Sometimes the axes are identified with axis labels.
Axis labels These identify the categories, values, or series along each axis.
Gridlines These help to visually quantify the data points.
Data table This table provides details of the plotted data points in table format.
Titles The chart might have a title and subtitle.
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