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Change the chart type, layout, and elements
When the preset layouts don’t produce the chart you want, you can create a custom
layout by mixing and matching different chart elements.
You can adjust a chart layout by adding, deleting, moving, and sizing chart elements.
To perform any of those tasks, you must first select the element.
If you want more control over the layout of a chart, you can do the following:
Control the overall size of the chart.
Adjust the size of chart elements.
Arrange chart elements precisely.
1. On the Design tool tab, in the Type group, click the Change Chart Type button.
2. In the Change Chart Type dialog box, click a category on the left, click a chart type
at the top, and then click OK .
Tip Click a chart type in the top row to preview that chart type as applied to the
current data. Point to the preview to display a larger version.
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