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3.4 Insert and format SmartArt
3.4 Insert and format SmartArt
Insert and modify SmartArt graphics
When you want to clearly illustrate a concept such as a process, cycle, hierarchy, or
relationship, the powerful SmartArt Graphics tool makes it easy to create dynamic, visually
appealing diagrams. The content of the diagram is controlled by a single-level or
multiplelevel list. The appearance is controlled by the SmartArt template. By using the available
templates, you can easily construct any of the following types of diagrams:
List These diagrams visually represent lists of related or independent information—
for example, a list of items needed to complete a task, including pictures of the
Process These diagrams visually describe the ordered set of steps required to
complete a task—for example, the steps for getting a project approved.
Cycle These diagrams represent a circular sequence of steps, tasks, or events, or
the relationship of a set of steps, tasks, or events to a central, core element—for
example, the looping process for continually improving a product based on customer
Hierarchy These diagrams illustrate the structure of an organization or entity—
for example, the top-level management structure of a company.
Relationship These diagrams show convergent, divergent, overlapping, merging,
or containment elements—for example, how using similar methods to organize
your email, calendar, and contacts can improve your productivity.
Matrix These diagrams show the relationship of components to a whole—for
example, the product teams in a department.
Pyramid These diagrams illustrate proportional or interconnected relationships—
for example, the amount of time that should ideally be spent on different phases
of a project.
Picture These diagrams rely on pictures in addition to text to create one of the
other types of diagrams—for example, a process picture diagram with photographs
showing the recession of glaciers in Glacier National Park. Picture diagrams are a
subset of the other categories but are also available from their own category so
that you can easily locate diagram layouts that support images.
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