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Format images
You modify the image by using commands on the Format tool tab, which is displayed
only when an object is selected.
The Adjust group contains commands that enable you to change the image’s
brightness and contrast, recolor it, apply artistic effects to it, and compress it to
reduce the size of the presentation.
The Picture Styles group offers a wide range of picture styles that you can apply to
an image to change its shape and orientation, and to add borders and picture
effects. This group includes the Quick Styles gallery, which contains many style
combinations that you can apply very quickly.
The Arrange group contains commands for specifying the relationship of the image
to the page and to other elements on the page.
The Size group contains commands for cropping and resizing images.
On the Format tool tab, in the Picture Styles group, expand the Quick Styles
gallery, and then click the style you want to apply.
1. On the Format tool tab, click the Picture Styles dialog box launcher.
2. In the Format Picture pane, on the Fill & Line , Effects , Layout & Properties , and
Picture pages, choose the settings you want to apply, and then click Close .
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