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3.6 Insert and format media
3.6 Insert and format media
Embed audio and video clips
There are many ways of communicating information to audiences. PowerPoint is
primarily a visual medium through which a presenter displays static information. However,
PowerPoint presentations can also include sound and video.
In addition to the sound effects that are available for slide transitions, you can play audio
clips for a specific length of time or throughout an entire slide show. For example, you
might include light background music during a slide show that plays repeatedly while an
audience is entering the room, emphasize a point by playing a sound clip, or prerecord
the audio presentation for each slide. You can insert audio clips from an online or local
source, or record them directly in PowerPoint.
The Clip Art gallery includes royalty-free sound clips of many kinds, including
sound effects and music.
If part of the information that you want to convey to your audience is in video form,
you can embed that video on a slide instead of having to play it from a different device.
This helps to keep your audience focused on your presentation, and simplifies the setup
necessary to present the video. You can insert video clips from an online or local source.
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