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Modify audio and video clips
It isn’t necessary to edit audio or video prior to inserting it in a presentation. You can
trim audio and video clips in much the same way that you can format the appearance of
a picture: although the audience hears or sees only what you select, the original media is
On the Format tool tab, in the Adjust , Picture Styles , or Video Styles group,
configure the formatting options you want.
To resize a video window
Drag the window sizing handles.
On the Format tool tab, in the Size group, set the Video Height or Video Width ,
and then press Enter .
On the Format tool tab, click the Size dialog box launcher. In the Format Video
pane, configure the height, width, rotation, scale, and aspect ratio settings.
To crop a video window
1. On the Format tool tab, in the Size group, click the Crop button.
2. Drag the crop handles to frame the portion of the video window that you want to
Tip Drag the crop frame to move it to a different part of the video window.
3. Click the Crop button again to apply the changes.
1. On the Playback tool tab, click the Trim Audio or Trim Video button.
2. In the Trim Audio or Trim Video dialog box, drag the Start and End sliders, or set
the Start Time and End Time .
3. Preview the results and make adjustments as necessary, and then click OK to apply
the trim.
To transition into or out of an audio or video clip
On the Playback tool tab, in the Editing group, set the Fade In and Fade Out
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