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Modify animation effects
Modify animation effects
The animation names reflect the basic action of each animation. After you apply an
animation effect, you can fine-tune its action by using the commands on the Animations
tab. Depending on the basic action of the animation and the element you are animating,
you can configure one or more of the following settings for an animation:
Number of spokes
Vanishing point
The available effect options vary based on the specific animation. Many animations, such
as Appear/Disappear, Fade, Grow & Turn/Shrink & Turn, Swivel, Bounce, Pulse, Teeter,
Desaturate, Darken, and Lighten don’t have effect options when applied to individual
objects, but you can customize other aspects of the animation such as the associated
sound, the action of the object after the animation finishes, and the timing aspects such
as trigger, duration, and delay.
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