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Choosing a certification path
Choosing a certification path
When deciding which certifications you would like to pursue, you should assess the
The program and program versions with which you are familiar
The length of time you have used the program and how frequently you use it
Whether you have had formal or informal training in the use of that program
Whether you use most or all of the available program features
Whether you are considered a go-to resource by business associates, friends, and
family members who have difficulty with the program
Candidates for MOS-level certification are expected to successfully complete a wide
range of standard business tasks, such as formatting a document or worksheet and its
content; creating and formatting visual content; or working with SharePoint lists, libraries,
Web Parts, and dashboards. Successful candidates generally have six or more months
of experience with the specific Office program, including either formal, instructor-led
training or self-study using MOS-approved books, guides, or interactive computer-based
Candidates for MOS Expert–level certification are expected to successfully complete more
complex tasks that involve using the advanced functionality of the program. Successful
candidates generally have at least six months, and may have several years, of experience
with the programs, including formal, instructor-led training or self-study using
MOSapproved materials.
Test-taking tips
Every MOS certification exam is developed from a set of exam skill standards (referred to
as the objective domain ) that are derived from studies of how the Office programs are
used in the workplace. Because these skill standards dictate the scope of each exam, they
provide critical information about how to prepare for certification. This book follows
the structure of the published exam objectives; see “How this topic is organized” in the
Introduction for more information.
The MOS certification exams are performance based and require you to complete
business-related tasks or projects in the program for which you are seeking certification.
For example, you might be presented with a file and told to do something specific with
it, or presented with a sample document and told to create it by using resources provided
for that purpose. Your score on the exam reflects how well you perform the requested
tasks or complete the project within the allotted time.
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