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Practice tasks
Practice tasks
The practice file for these tasks is located in the MOSPowerPoint2013\Objective4
practice file folder. Save the results of the tasks in the same folder.
Open the PowerPoint_4-2 presentation, and then complete the following tasks:
On slide 1, apply the Fly In entrance animation to the slide title,
configure it to fly in from the left side of the slide, and then attach the Breeze
sound to the animation.
On slide 2, apply the Appear entrance animation to the title, and the
Pulse emphasis animation to the bulleted list. Then make the color of
each bullet point change to green after it appears on the screen.
Copy the animations from slide 2 to the corresponding elements on
slide 3.
On slide 4, apply a different emphasis animation to each of the four
pictures in the content area. Then configure a Custom Path motion path
animation that causes the ladybug to walk to the lower-left corner of
the slide, around the other insects and animals.
Display the presentation in Slide Show view to test your work.
4.3 Set timing for transitions and animations
When you are incorporating slide transitions and animations into a presentation, two of
the options you have for each of these are triggers and timing.
The trigger is the event that causes a transition or animation to begin. The default
trigger for a transition or animation is On Mouse Click, meaning that the effect occurs when
the presenter gives the signal to advance. When a slide includes animations that are set
to start On Mouse Click, the signal to advance the slide instead runs the animation.
The timing of transitions and animations contributes to the tone of a presentation,
particularly when the presentation is running automatically. All timing options can be
entered in seconds but are expressed in the format hh:mm:ss .
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