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Set timing for transitions
Set timing for transitions
The timing options for transitions are in the Timing group on the Transitions tab. The
Advance Slide options govern the time at or after which PowerPoint moves to the next
slide. There are two Advance Slide options: On Mouse Click and After (which you set to
a specific length of time). One or both of these options can be selected. If you plan to
deliver a presentation in person, it is customary to retain the On Mouse Click trigger,
and to advance the slide manually. Selecting the After check box and specifying a length
of time causes PowerPoint to automatically transition to the next slide after that time
interval. Selecting both check boxes permits the presenter to manually advance the slide
before the specified time has elapsed.
The length of time from the beginning to the end of a transition effect is its duration.
A short duration results in the full slide content appearing quickly, and a long duration
results in it appearing slowly. Factors to consider when setting the duration include the
type of content on the slide and the selected transition. For example, you might want to
assign a short duration to a slide transition for which the slide content is not visible until
the transition completes. You might assign a long duration to a transition that causes the
slide content to appear in legible segments while you discuss it. PowerPoint recognizes
the wait time required for various transition effects to deliver legible slide content; for
this reason, the default transition duration varies based on the transition.
On the Transitions tab, in the Timing group, select the On Mouse Click check box.
1. On the Transitions tab, in the Timing group, below Advance Slide, clear the On
Mouse Click check box.
2. Select the After check box, and then enter a time in the adjacent box.
In the Timing group, enter the number of seconds you want the transition to
continue in the Duration box.
See Also For more information about slide timings, see section 1.5, “Configure and
present slide shows.”
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