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Manage animations in the Animation pane
Depending on the type of animation, the refinements you might be able to make include
the following:
Change the animation direction.
Specify whether the animation should be accompanied by a sound.
Dim or hide the object after the animation, or make it change to a specific color.
If the animation is applied to text, animate all the text at once, word by word, or
letter by letter.
Change the Start, Delay, and Duration settings, repeat the animation, and specify
what will trigger its action.
If a slide has more than one level of bullet points, animate different levels
If an object has embedded text, animate the object and the text together (the
default) or separately, or animate one but not the other.
Specify whether a sequenced animation progresses forward or backward.
To display the Animationpane
On the Animations tab, in the Advanced Animation group, click the Animation
Pane button.
In the upper-right corner of the Animation pane, click the Move Earlier or Move
Later arrow.
In the Animation pane, click the animation, click the arrow that appears, and then
click Effect Options .
On the Effect page of the Effect Options dialog box, in the Sound list, click the
sound you want.
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