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5.1 Merge content from multiple presentations
5.1 Merge content from multiple presentations
Display multiple presentations
Each PowerPoint presentation you open is displayed in its own program window. As a
result, you can not only switch among open presentations, but you can also view
multiple presentations simultaneously. You can display windows side by side or in a cascading
arrangement so that you can easily click the one you want.
When you want to view two different parts of the same presentation, you can open a
second instance of the presentation in a separate window, arrange the windows side by
side, and then scroll the windows independently. (In fact, you can open many instances
of a presentation.) Each window is identified in the title bar by the instance number after
the file name.
On the View tab, in the Window group, click the Arrange All button to arrange the
open program windows side by side.
In the Window group, click the Cascade button to arrange the open program
windows in an overlapping formation.
On the View tab, in the Window group, click the New Window button. Then
arrange the open windows, and scroll to the parts of the presentation you want
to display in each window.
Reuse slides from other presentations
If you want to reuse the slides from one presentation in another, you can easily do so.
You can reuse slides directly from one presentation in another, but if you know in
advance that you will want to reuse a slide, you can publish it to the slide library on your
computer and then reuse it from there, without having to track down the presentation
or undo any presentation-specific modifications that you might have made to the slide.
You can manually copy slides from one presentation to another, but PowerPoint provides
a more sophisticated method of doing this, in the Reuse Slides pane.
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