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Practice tasks
Practice tasks
The practice files for these tasks are located in the MOSPowerPoint2013\Objective5
practice file folder. Save the results of the tasks in the same folder.
Open the PowerPoint_5-1a presentation, and then perform the following
After slide 4, merge slide 5 from the PowerPoint_5-1b presentation into
the PowerPoint_5-1a presentation by using the Reuse Slides command.
At the end of the presentation, merge slide 10 from the PowerPoint_5-1b
presentation into the PowerPoint_5-1a presentation.
Display a second instance of the presentation, and arrange the two
instances side by side. Display slide 4 in the first instance, and slide 5 in
the second instance. Ensure that the merged slide has taken on the
formatting of the presentation.
5.2 Track changes and resolve differences
Compare, combine, and review differences
Strategy Viewing, accepting, and rejecting revisions in PowerPoint is not as intuitive as
it is in Microsoft Word. Take some time to practice making changes to a presentation and
comparing it with the original version to become familiar with ways of working with this
You can compare two versions of the same presentation by merging changes made in
one version into the other. The differences are recorded in the combined presentation
as revisions. You can view the suggested changes and then accept or reject them.
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