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Practice tasks
Practice tasks
The practice files for these tasks are located in the MOSPowerPoint2013\Objective5
practice file folder. Save the results of the tasks in the same folder.
Open the PowerPoint_5-2a and PowerPoint_5-2b presentations, and merge
the differences into PowerPoint_5-2b .
Review the marked differences, accept those on slide 1, and then reject all
other changes.
Open the PowerPoint_5-2c presentation, and then perform the following tasks:
In the header of slide 2, insert the comment Change date to reflect that
of workshop .
On slide 9, attach the comment Newer data available? to the citation.
On slide 13, attach the comment Native plant graphics would add
interest to the content placeholder. Click away from the comment to close
the box, and then edit it to read Colorful native plant graphics would add
interest .
Open the PowerPoint_5-2d presentation, and then perform the following tasks:
Delete the comments attached to the title slide.
Review the remaining comments in the presentation.
Using only one command, delete all the remaining comments.
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