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5.3 Protect and share presentations
5.3 Protect and share presentations
Proof presentations
The AutoCorrect feature detects and automatically corrects many common capitalization
and spelling errors, such as teh instead of the or WHen instead of When . You can customize
AutoCorrect to recognize words you frequently misspell.
Tip You can also use AutoCorrect entries to automate the typing of frequently used text,
such as replacing an abbreviation of a company name with the full name of the company.
By default, PowerPoint checks the spelling of anything you enter against its built-in
dictionary. To draw attention to a word that is not in its dictionary and that might
be misspelled, PowerPoint underlines it with a red wavy underline.
Tip To turn off the display of red wavy lines, clear the Check Spelling As You Type check
box on the Proofing page of the PowerPoint Options dialog box.
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