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5.3 Protect and share presentations
You can correct the marked spelling errors immediately or ignore the red wavy
underlines and instead handle all the potential misspellings in the presentation at one time by
clicking options in the Spelling pane.
You can add correctly spelled words that are lagged as misspellings to the supplemental
dictionary so that PowerPoint will not lag them in the future.
1. On the Proofing page of the PowerPoint Options dialog box, in the AutoCorrect
options area, click the AutoCorrect Options button.
2. On the AutoCorrect page of the AutoCorrect dialog box, enter the misspelling in
the Replace box.
3. Enter the correction in the With box.
4. Click Add , and then click OK .
Tocorrectawordthatismarkedbyared wavy underline
Right-click the word, and then click the suggested replacement you want.
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