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Prepare presentations for distribution
1. On the Save page of the PowerPoint Options dialog box, in the Preserve fidelity
when sharing this presentation section, select the Embed fonts in the file
check box.
2. Do either of the following, and then click OK :
To embed only the characters that are necessary for the current version of the
presentation, click Embed only the characters used in the presentation .
To embed all characters of all fonts that are present in the presentation so
that they are available to another person who works with the presentation,
click Embed all characters .
3. Save the modified presentation, or save a copy of the presentation that is for the
express purpose of distribution, and close the smaller original file without saving
the changes.
1. On the Info page of the Backstage view, click Protect Presentation , and then click
Mark as Final .
2. In the message box, click OK , and then click OK in the confirmation box.
In the information bar below the ribbon, click Edit Anyway .
On the Info page of the Backstage view, click the pink-shaded Protect
Presentation button, and then click Mark as Final .
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