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1.1 Create presentations
By default, a new presentation includes only a title slide. You can add blank content
slides to the presentation, or copy or move slides from another presentation.
To create an unformatted presentation that includes slides, you can import a text file or
Word document that contains the slide information. PowerPoint creates unformatted
Title And Content slides corresponding to the slide titles specified in the source file. When
creating a presentation from text file content, you can create only slide titles, because text
files don’t support formatting options that would inform PowerPoint of how you want to
use the content. When creating a presentation from Word file content, however, you can
format the content by applying multiple heading levels.
PowerPoint creates slides, slide titles, and multiple levels of bulleted content based on
the heading levels assigned within the Word document. PowerPoint uses only the
headings and not other document content. Paragraphs styled as Title or Heading1 become
slide titles, and paragraphs styled as Heading2 through Heading9 become bullet points.
If you save an outline containing styled headings as a Word document (.doc or .docx) or
a Rich Text Format (RTF) file (.rtf), you can create a new presentation by opening the
outline from PowerPoint, or add the outline slides to the existing presentation by importing
the outline.
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