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Apply and modify slide masters
1. On the Design tab, in the Variants group, click the More button. On the Variants
menu, click Fonts , and then click Customize Fonts .
2. In the Create New Theme Fonts dialog box, select the heading font and body font
you want to use.
3. In the Name box, assign a name to the new color scheme, and then click Save .
1. Modify the colors, fonts, effects, and background of the current theme to suit
your needs.
2. On the Design tab, on the Themes menu, click Save Current Theme .
3. In the Save Current Theme dialog box, enter a name for the theme, and then
click Save .
Apply and modify slide masters
When you create a new presentation, its slides assume the formatting of the
presentation’s slide master, which by default contains placeholders for a title, the date, the slide
number, and footer information. These placeholders control the position of the
corresponding elements on the slide.
Each slide master includes multiple slide templates, called layouts , that control the layout
of content on specific types of slides. Typical slide layouts are Title, Title And Content,
Two Content, Section Header, and Blank. Other layouts are specific to the type of content
associated with the slide master; for example, the slide master for a photo album might
include layouts for Album Cover, Portrait With Caption, or Panorama With Caption.
When working in a presentation, you can make changes to the design elements provided
by the slide master, but you can change the default settings only on the slide master
and layouts. When you change a design element on the slide master, all the slide layouts
and slides reflect the change.
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