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Apply and modify slide masters
You can modify all the slides in a presentation by modifying the slide master on which all
layouts are based, or you can modify one type of slide by modifying the layout applied
to that slide. If you modify formatting directly on a slide, or insert a slide from another
source and want to match it to those in your presentation, you can apply or reset the
slide layout to revert its formatting to the default.
To make changes to a presentation’s master, you switch to Slide Master view, which adds
a Slide Master tab to the ribbon and hides the tabs that aren’t needed. In this view, the
slide master thumbnail is displayed at the top of the Overview pane, followed by
thumbnails of its associated layouts.
From the Slide Master tab, you can modify elements of the slide master in the following
Apply a theme or modify the colors, fonts, or effects associated with the current
Control the background color, texture, and graphics.
Specify which placeholders appear on all slides.
Add custom elements that you want to appear on all slides, including headers,
footers, slide numbers, and graphics such as logos.
The changes to the slide master are automatically applied to all the layouts.
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