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Configure slide setup options
Tip In Windows 8, File Explorer has replaced Windows Explorer. Throughout this
book, we refer to this utility by its Windows 8 name. If your computer is running
Windows 7 or an earlier version of Windows, use Windows Explorer instead.
Configure slide setup options
By default, PowerPoint 2013 slides are sized for a widescreen display (13.333 inches by
7.5 inches). The slides are oriented horizontally, with slide numbers starting at 1. You can
set the size and orientation of the slides, and the orientation of notes, handouts, and
outlines, to it your intended distribution methods.
In the Slide Size dialog box, you can select from the following slide sizes:
On-screen Show For an electronic slide show on screens of various aspects (4:3,
16:9, or 16:10)
Letter Paper For a presentation printed on 8.5-by-11-inch US letter-size paper
Ledger Paper For a presentation printed on 11-by-17-inch ledger-size paper
A3 Paper, A4 Paper, B4 (ISO) Paper, B5 (ISO) Paper For a presentation printed
on paper of various standard international sizes
35mm Slides For 35mm slides to be used in a carousel with a projector
Overhead For transparencies for an overhead projector
Banner For a webpage banner
Widescreen For a widescreen monitor display
Custom For slides that are a nonstandard size
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