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1.4 Configure presentations to print or save
When you are ready to print, you can adjust any of the following settings:
Specify the printer to use You can specify the printer you want to use and set its
properties (such as paper source and image compression).
Specify which slides to print You can print all the slides, the selected slides, or the
current slide. You can print only specific slides by clicking the Slides box and
entering slide numbers and ranges separated by commas (no spaces). For example, enter
1,5,10-12 to print slides 1, 5, 10, 11, and 12.
Print hidden slides You can include slides in the printed version that will be hidden
in the electronic presentation.
Specify what to print You can print slides (one per page), notes pages (one
halfsize slide per page with space for notes), an outline, or handouts. When printing
handouts, you can specify the number of slides that print on each page (1, 2, 3, 4,
6, or 9) and the order in which the slides appear on the page.
Put a frame around slides You can print a frame around the slides on the printed
Scale slides to it the paper If you haven’t set the size of the slides to match the
size of the paper in the printer, PowerPoint can automatically reduce or increase
the size of the slides to it the paper when you print them.
Print in high quality For final output, you can specify that the slides be printed in
the printer’s highest quality.
Print comments and ink markup You can print electronic or handwritten notes
attached to the presentation so that you can review them along with the slides.
Print and collate multiple copies If you want to print multiple copies of a
presentation, you can specify whether complete copies should be printed one at a time.
Specify the color range You can print your presentation in color (color on a color
printer and grayscale on a monochrome printer), grayscale (on a color or
monochrome printer), or pure black and white (no gray on either a color or monochrome
Tip Most presentations are created in color. If you have a color printer, you can specify
whether to print the presentation in color or in grayscale.
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