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Prepare presentations for distribution
If you intend to run your presentation on a computer other than the one on which you
developed it, you need to ensure that the fonts, linked objects, and any other necessary
items are available to the presentation. You can use the Package For CD feature to save
all presentation components to a CD (not a DVD) or other type of removable media. You
can include more than one presentation, and you can specify the order in which the
presentations should run. As part of the packaging process, you can assign a password and
remove extraneous information from the packaged file.
After PowerPoint assembles the files, it creates a folder of supporting files and adds an
autorun file. When you insert the presentation CD into your CD/DVD drive, the AutoPlay
dialog box opens so that you can run the presentation.
If you want to deliver your presentation to a wider audience, you can use one of the
following methods:
Save the presentation as a video that is optimized for web delivery, and post the
video online.
Deliver the presentation online through the Office Presentation Service. You can
use this free service to share a presentation live and make it available for download
during or after the presentation.
Tip The Office Presentation Service is free; you must have a Microsoft account to
connect to it, but if you’re already logged on to your computer with your Microsoft
account, the service picks up that information automatically.
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