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Prepare presentations for distribution
To check for features that are not supported in previous versions of
1. On the Info page of the Backstage view, click Check for Issues , and then click
Check Compatibility .
2. Make a note of any issues reported in the Compatibility Checker dialog box, and
then click OK .
1. When saving the presentation, choose the previous file format in the Save as type list.
2. If prompted to do so, click Continue in the Microsoft Word Compatibility Checker
window to convert unsupported features.
1. On the Export page of the Backstage view, click Package Presentation for CD , and
then click Package for CD .
2. In the Package for CD dialog box, provide a disc name in the Name the CD box,
and then click Options .
Tip The disc name is shown as the drive name in File Explorer when the disc is in the
disc drive.
3. In the Options dialog box, do any of the following, and then click OK :
Select or clear the Linked files and Embedded TrueType fonts check boxes to
specify which elements to package with the presentation.
Set passwords to open or modify the presentation.
If you want to run the Document Inspector before packaging the presentation,
select the Inspect presentations for inappropriate or private information
check box.
4. Do one of the following:
Insert a blank CD in your CD/DVD burner, and if the AutoPlay dialog box
opens, close it. Then in the Package for CD dialog box, click Copy to CD .
In the Package for CD dialog box, click Copy to Folder . In the Copy to Folder
dialog box, specify the folder in which you want to store the package, and
then click OK .
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