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1.5 Configure and present slide shows
1.5 Configure and present slide shows
Configure custom slide shows
If you need to deliver variations of a presentation to different audiences, you can
maintain one presentation containing all the slides you are likely to need for all the audiences.
Then you can select the slides that are appropriate for a specific audience and assign
them to a custom slide show.
When you need to deliver the custom version of the presentation, you open the main
presentation and display only the subset of slides by choosing the custom slide show
from a list.
When you are preparing to deliver a slide show, you can configure the slide show
settings to reflect the environment in which it will be presented. In the Set Up Show dialog
box, you can specify the following:
How the presentation will be delivered
Whether all slides will be shown, or only a subset of the available slides
Whether an automatic slide show will loop continuously, be shown without narration,
and be shown without animation
Whether slide timings will be used
Whether your hardware setup includes multiple monitors and, if so, whether you
want to use Presenter view
What pen color and laser pointer color should be used
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