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Present slide shows
Present slide shows
When delivering a presentation, you can move from slide to slide in the following ways:
Manually You control when you move by clicking the mouse button, pressing keys,
or clicking commands.
Automatically PowerPoint displays each slide for a predeined length of time and
then displays the next slide.
For automatic slide shows, the length of time a slide appears on the screen is controlled by
the slide timing that you configure. You can apply timings to a single slide, to a group of
slides, or to an entire presentation, either by allocating time to each slide or by rehearsing
the presentation while PowerPoint automatically tracks and sets the timings for you.
If- your computer has two monitors, or if you will be presenting a slide show from your
computer on a separate display device, you can control the presentation on one monitor
and display the slides to the audience on the second monitor or display device. You can
use Presenter view to display the current slide, slide notes, next slide, and slide controls
in one window, whether on the same monitor or on a separate monitor.
While delivering a presentation, you can direct attention to specific content by using the
on-screen pointer, or reinforce your message by drawing or highlighting specific text on
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