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Practice tasks
Tip When the pen, highlighter, or laser pointer tool is active in Slide Show view, clicking
the mouse button does not advance the slide show to the next slide. You need to switch
back to the regular pointer to use the mouse to advance the slide.
Practice tasks
The practice file for these tasks is located in the MOSPowerPoint2013\Objective1
practice file folder. Save the results of the tasks in the same folder.
Open the PowerPoint_1-5 presentation, and complete the following tasks:
Create a custom slide show named Managers that includes slides 1, 3, 4,
5, 7, and 10.
Edit the Managers slide show to add slide 11.
Display the presentation in Slide Show view. Set the pen color to bright
blue, and then underline the word shared on slide 3.
On slide 3, erase the line under the word shared . Then highlight the
word in light green.
On slide 6, use a red pen to draw circles around the two instances of
External and the word internal .
End the slide show and retain the annotations.
Save the presentation as MyNotes.pptx .
Objective review
Before finishing this chapter, ensure that you have mastered the following skills:
1.1 Create presentations
1.2 Format presentations by using slide masters
1.3 Customize presentation options and views
1.4 Configure presentations to print or save
1.5 Configure and present slide shows
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