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2.1 Insert and format slides
2.1 Insert and format slides
Add, remove, and hide slides
When you insert a slide into a presentation, PowerPoint inserts it with the default layout
immediately after the current slide. If you want to add a slide with a different layout, you
select the layout you want from the New Slide gallery. The available layouts and their
design depend on the template used to create the presentation.
After you insert a slide, you can change its layout at any time. For more information, see
section 1.2, “Format presentations by using slide masters.”
If you want to insert a slide that is similar to an existing slide, you can duplicate the
existing slide and then change it instead of having to create the slide from scratch.
If you decide not to include a slide when you deliver a presentation but you don’t want
to delete the slide entirely, you can hide the slide. Then PowerPoint will skip over that
slide during delivery. Hidden slides are still visible in Normal view and Slide Sorter view,
but they appear shaded and have a slash through the slide number.
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