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2.3 Order and group shapes and slides
You can turn all of these indicators on or off in the Grid And Guides dialog box.
After inserting pictures or drawing shapes in the approximate locations you want them
on a slide, you can align them and change their stacking order. You can use the
automatic alignment commands to align individual or multiple graphics in several ways. For
example, you can:
Align graphics vertically by the left or right edges or centerline, or horizontally by
the top or bottom edges or centerline.
Distribute graphics evenly within their current space, either horizontally or
Align graphics relative to the slide that contains them or to other selected objects.
Tip If you add pictures to a slide by clicking the Pictures button in the Images group on
the Insert tab, you can group them and then align and position them as a group the same
way you would group shapes. However, if you add them by clicking the Pictures button in
separate content placeholders, you cannot group them.
When you have multiple shapes on a slide, you can group them so that you can copy,
move, and format them as a unit. You can change the attributes of an individual shape—
for example, its color, size, or location—without ungrouping the shapes. If you do
ungroup them, you can easily regroup the same selection of shapes.
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