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Practice tasks
Practice tasks
The practice file for these tasks is located in the MOSPowerPoint2013\Objective2
practice file folder. Save the results of the tasks in the same folder.
Open the PowerPoint_2-3 presentation, and then complete the following
Select the three shapes on slide 4 and align them in the middle and center
of the slide.
Change the stacking order so that the Heart is in front, the Sun is second,
and the Moon is in back.
Distribute the three shapes horizontally on the slide. Then group them.
Reorder the slides so that slide 3 (the section opener) appears after the
title slide, and slide 4 (which contains the shapes) is next.
Divide the presentation into three sections, with Section 1 containing
only the title slide, Section 2 containing slides 2 through 4, and Section 3
containing slides 5 through 9. Set the name of Section 1 to Title , Section
2 to Overview , and Section 3 to Body .
Save the presentation as MyPresentation.pptx .
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