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How this book is organized
How this topic is organized
The exam coverage is divided into chapters representing broad skill sets that correlate
to the functional groups covered by the exam, and each chapter is divided into sections
addressing groups of related skills that correlate to the exam objectives. Each section
includes review information, generic procedures, and practice tasks you can complete on
your own while studying. When necessary, we provide practice files you can use to work
through the practice tasks. You can practice the procedures in this topic by using the
practice files supplied or by using your own files.
Download the practice files
Before you can complete the practice tasks in this topic, you need to download the
book’s practice files to your computer. These practice files can be downloaded from
the following page:
Important The PowerPoint 2013 program is not available from this website. You should
purchase and install that program before using this topic.
If you would like to be able to refer to the completed versions of practice files at a later
time, you can save the practice files that you modify while working through the practice
tasks in this topic. If you save your changes and later want to repeat the practice task,
you can download the original practice files again.
The following table lists the practice files for this topic.
Folder and chapter
1 Create and manage presentations
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