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3.1 Insert and format text
3.1 Insert and format text
Format text in placeholders
When you add a new slide to a presentation, the layout you choose uses placeholders to
indicate the type and position of the objects on the slide. You can enter text directly into
a text placeholder on a slide when you’re working in Normal view, or you can enter it in
the Outline pane when you’re working in Outline view.
The default formatting of text in placeholders reflects the design of the underlying slide
master. However, you can use standard character and paragraph formatting techniques
to override the following aspects of the design:
Alignment You can align the text horizontally to the left, right, or center; or you
can justify it to span the text box. You can align the text vertically at the top of the
text box, in the middle, or at the bottom.
Case You can make selected text all lowercase or all uppercase; ensure that the
text is capitalized as a sentence or that each word has an initial capital letter; or
change the capitalization of each letter.
Character spacing You can make the space between characters looser or tighter.
Color Picking a color from the applied color scheme creates a pleasing design
impact. You can also add colors that are not part of the color scheme, including colors
from the standard palette or from the almost infinite spectrum of colors available
in the Colors dialog box.
Direction You can rotate text or stack the letters on top of each other.
Fancy text effects You can apply fancy effects such as shadows, reflections, and
bevels, or rotate or mold text into a shape.
Font and size You can pick a different font or size for any selection.
Indentation You can indent the text from the left side of the text box.
Line and paragraph spacing You can adjust the spacing within and between
Style and effects You can apply simple styles such as bold and italic, or you can
choose more dramatic effects such as shadows, colored underlining, or small caps.
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