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Format text as lists
For a numbered list, you can change the number scheme and the size and color of the
numbers on the Numbered page of the Bullets And Numbering dialog box.
For both types of lists, you can specify the indenting of each level. If you want to adjust
the indenting of multiple levels, it is best to start with the lowest level and work your way
up, using equal increments. Otherwise you might end up with a list that looks uneven
and unprofessional.
See Also For information about formatting bulleted list items as SmartArt diagrams, see
section 3.4, “Insert and format SmartArt.”
With the cursor in the bulleted list item, on the Home tab, in the Paragraph group,
click the Increase List Level button.
Click to the left of the text of the bullet point, and then press the Tab key.
Tip In the Outline pane, you can also use these techniques to change a slide title to a
bulleted list item or demote a numbered list item to a lower level.
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