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Format text as hyperlinks
Drag the First Line Indent and Hanging Indent markers to the left or right on the
Tip To display the ruler, select the Ruler check box in the Show group on the View tab.
Format text as hyperlinks
Presentations that are intended to be viewed electronically often include hyperlinks to
provide access to supporting information. That information might be on a hidden slide,
in another presentation, in a file on your computer or your organization’s network, or on
a website. If you use Microsoft Outlook, you can also use a hyperlink to open an email
message window so that people viewing the presentation can easily contact you.
You can attach a hyperlink to any selected object, such as text, a graphic, a shape, or
a table. Clicking the hyperlinked object then takes you directly to the linked location.
Editing the object does not disrupt the hyperlink; however, deleting the object also
deletes the hyperlink.
To link a selected object to a slide
1. Press Ctrl+K or, on the Insert tab, in the Links group, click the Hyperlink button.
2. In the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, in the Link to area, click Place in This
Document .
3. In the Select a place in this document list, click the slide you want, and then
click OK .
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