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3.2 Insert and format tables
3.2 Insert and format tables
Create and import tables
When you want to present a lot of data in an organized and easy-to-read format, a table
is often your best choice. You can create a table in one of the following ways:
Have PowerPoint insert a table with the number of columns and rows you specify.
Draw the table by dragging on the slide to create cells that are the size and shape
you need.
If the table already exists in a Microsoft Word document or Microsoft Excel
workbook, you can copy and paste that table onto a slide rather than re-create it.
If you want to use data from an Excel worksheet in a PowerPoint table, you can do any
of the following:
Copy and paste the data as a table.
Embed the worksheet on a slide as an object.
Link the slide to the worksheet so that the slide reflects any changes you make to
the worksheet data.
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