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Change table structure
To link to a worksheet
Follow the instructions for embedding a worksheet, but in the Insert Object dialog
box, select the Link check box before clicking OK .
To update a linked worksheet
Double-click the table on the slide to open the linked worksheet in Excel, make the
changes, and then save them.
If you update the linked worksheet in Excel and want to synchronize the table on
the slide, right-click the table on the slide, and then click Update Link .
To update table data
Use normal editing techniques to change the data in a cell.
To delete a table
On the Layout tool tab, in the Rows & Columns group, click the Delete button,
and then click Delete Table .
Change table structure
After you insert a table, you can change its structure in the following ways:
Add columns or rows.
Delete columns or rows.
Combine (merge) selected cells into one cell that spans two or more columns
or rows.
Split a single cell into two or more cells.
Size columns or rows.
Size the table.
To add a row
In the last cell of the last row, press Tab to insert a new row at the bottom of the
On the Layout tool tab, in the Rows & Columns group, click the Insert Above or
Insert Below button to insert a row above or below the row containing the cursor.
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