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Practice tasks
Practice tasks
There are no practice files for these tasks.
Create a subfolder of your Inbox named Important .
In your Inbox, assign two messages to the blue category and two messages to
the green category.
Create a new color category named Management that uses the orange color,
and the Ctrl+F2 keyboard shortcut. Then assign one blue message and one
green message to the Management category.
Filter your mailbox to display all items assigned to the Management category,
and move the items to the Important folder.
Display the contents of your Inbox in Conversation view. Identify a
conversation with multiple threads, and delete the redundant messages in the
conversation by using the Clean Up command.
In your Inbox, use a message from someone you trust to add that person’s
email address to your Safe Senders list.
Locate a junk mail message in your Inbox, Junk Mail folder, or other folder.
Add the message sender to your Blocked Senders list.
If your Junk E-mail folder contains no messages you want to keep, empty it.
Objective review
Before finishing this chapter, ensure that you have mastered the following skills:
Create messages
Format messages
Organize and manage messages
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